My name is Barry and I’ve worked with dogs day in and day out for a very long time. I’m also an athlete and the way that I choose to train every day is to run with a group of dogs in one of London’s many parks or woodlands.

I aim to provide high energy, athletic dogs with a work-out that’s in line with their body’s full and natural capacity. This not only helps them to attain optimal fitness but also to live with complete psychological fulfillment.

Testimonial I’ve discovered that ‘roaming’ (travelling at a steady rhythm within a pack) is my own form of meditation - together with my running companions we burn physical and mental energy and become a tight unit through the common pleasure, pulse and flow that can be felt through the pack. This bond isn’t just something that I feel, it’s evidenced by the fact that none of the dogs break away from the group. Just as I wouldn’t leave any of them to go off alone, nor would any of them leave me, or each other.