Why Dog Jogging

Certain dogs need more than a little stroll or play in the park - some of them simply require the extra physical exertion, some of them need to drain their mental energy just as much in order to make them calmer or generally better-behaved dogs. Running several kilometers helps to achieve all of these and has the added benefit of nurturing a dog’s natural instincts of living - albeit temporarily - as a member of a pack. This latter aspect is particularly helpful in determining the dog’s natural sense of identity as it’s the ultimate source of discipline and order within the canine world.

Further physiological benefits:

- Strengthening of muscles, ligaments and bones - in turn reducing the risks of injury

- Delaying the onset of hip dysplasia and arthritis in breeds susceptible to these conditions (observational studies have suggested that high intensity exercise helps keep muscles and ball joints supple and free of cartilage build up)

- Encouraging a healthier digestive system

- Maintaining a healthy heart

In addition to running with fit and healthy dogs, I also work closely with vets to create a suitable rehabilitation regime for dogs who are recovering from injury, helping them to regain fitness in a fast, safe and comfortable way.

Additionally, dogs who have gained weight to levels that may be affecting their health or fitness also need special attention to ensure that they are helped back to their ideal physique in a way that’s safe and sustainable. Again, this is an area in which I will work with vets and / or owners with the common goal that is the best interests of the dog.